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Who we are

At Real Time we provide comprehensive information in the format you currently use within minutes of the physical audit being completed.

RTIMME's competitive edge is founded upon our understanding of the impact the cost of Inventory has to our global clients.

We provide information to all sectors of Business and Government including Retail, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Service industries, and international Healthcare, Education and Defence.

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Import Verification Service

When we are asked to act as a 3rd party verifier, for imported goods, we confirm the instruction to attend, by communicating with both the recipient and the originator of the shipment.

At point if import, or at a Bonded warehouse, we will break the seals on a shipping container and using Hand Held Technology we will scan and electronically capture all of the products enclosed in a container. The final stock file will be checked against the manifest / delivery note. In the event of confirmed errors we will advise the appropriate contact, whilst we are on site, in Real Time and take instruction.

We would normally expect to unload container to container; closing and resealing at the end of the count.

Distribution Service / Pick Checking

All products will be scanned by Real Time Staff at source, the start of the supply chain, usually a Distribution Centre. An electronic file is created of the product leaving the building, either on the loading bay or on the truck depending on local pressures and before it goes en-route to a specific destination. We would normally expect to unload roller cage to roller cage. Real Time staff will not have access to the manifest/delivery note.

If we are confirming pick accuracy we produce a report showing all scanned products at source. This report will go to nominated recipients, to confirm pick accuracy. The service can be extended Real Time and we can stay on site to confirm errors before we leave.

If we are confirming distribution integrity, Real Time staff attend at destination and receive the delivery into the store, scanning everything once and then passing the delivery straight on to store management for processing. An electronic file is created and a report is produced showing all scanned products at source, at destination and identifying variances. This report will go only to nominated recipients.


We undertake warehouse counts all over the country on a regular basis. I would mention we have provided full conventional warehouse counts collecting files from and returning data back to all of the major Software Stock Control systems including SAP and Sage. We usually rely on our clients to provide high access, but do have our own qualified drivers for certain apparatus, if required.


Our service has been applied to collect line data of large/unexpected stock returns, (after a Product Recall, Fire or Closure etc) at short notice and working flexible working patterns.

Import Verification Service When we are asked to act as a 3rd party verifier, for imported goods, we confirm the instruction ...
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  • The successful business today is one that concentrates its effort and resources on its core activities and buys in specialist services as and when it needs them. We appreciate that commercial and legislative pressures constantly change, in line with the continuous development of hardware and software technologies. We will constantly strive for better solutions to all the problems we encounter and by applying our innovative skills we will solve your problems.
    Mr. Faisal AI-Khaldi - Vice Chairman and Managing Director Tanami Holdings
  • Real Time Inventory Management Limited operates throughout the UK, Europe, and the Middle East specialising in providing Stock Taking, Physical Auditing, Data Collection and Asset Management services to a wide range of customers. We fully understand the importance of accurate inventory control and the effect it has on the operation and profit of an organisation.
    Ken Vidler – Managing director RTIM Middle East